I Am Julian: The Hybrid Designer & Developer of Web Things

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I Am Julian

And I Love Bringing Cool Ideas To Life

Take project TuneHall, for example

Tunehall was an idea I had in 2007 which I started with my friend Jerome who was a fellow musician. I had just moved to Montreal and didn't know many musicians. Jerome had a jam space and knew some people. So we started a community where the goal was to write, record, mix and post online; new songs in 24 hours effort, with a different team for each song. In a couple of years we had nearly 30 songs, an EP and a performance band.

S e e f o r y o u r s e l f

The tech doesn’t really matter

Having worked for high-end agencies and as a freelancer, I've learned that when it comes to technology, there is no "one size fits-all" solution. The options are almost endless and different circumstances call for different tools and approaches. It’s more about the process; planning things through to the end and then executing in small managable steps.

So what exactly do I do?

Basically I help companies grow their digital communications capabilities. In some cases simply as a strategic consultant, helping clients formulate a plan or by sourcing the right tools to execute a plan. In other cases I am producing stunning designs, websites, videos, and social media campaigns. In many cases I'm able to do much of this work myself, but if a project calls for a skill-set that’s outside my own, then I'm lucky to have an amazing network of fellow service providers who are willing to help me make sure any job we take on gets done right.

Other than that...

When I’m not serving my clients or working to grow my virtual agency and consortium of digital media experts...connecting with talented people from all around the world, then I'm enjoying time with my family, playing music and going on trips when we can. I think we live in exciting times which afford us incredible freedoms and opportunities, and I believe it's important to explore, experiment, create and share as much as we can, with the time we have, while we have it.